APPPPR.COM | How It Works

Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

Each App Any Website registration is specific to one website URL, eg

You can link your App Any Website button either to your home page, or any other designated page on your website, eg

When you have completed the registration process and uploaded your App button graphic, you will immediately receive the code you need to add to your website for the App sign-up form.

The App Signup process for your users is simple and straightforward. First, using the App Signup Form on your website, the user enters their email or UK mobile number (or both). Users can then download the App onto their iPhone or iPad as follows:

* By Email. We send a message to the user's email address, with a website link to activate the App download when received on the user's mobile device, iPad or iPhone.

* By Text SMS. We can also send an SMS text message to the user's iPhone, which includes the link for downloading the App. To activate this feature, you need to pre-purchase SMS credits from the Add-Ons page.

* By QR Code. When the user scans the QR code using their mobile device, either iPad or iPhone, they are taken direct to the App download page.

Each time a user downloads the App, we automatically send you an email confirmation with the user's contact details.

You can also add extra links to other pages on your website, if you need them, for example if you want to link certain advertisements to specific pages, so that you can keep track of where your enquiries are coming from, eg To activate this feature, see Add-Ons.

If you want App Any Website for a different website URL, eg, you need to start again with a fresh registration.

Mobile Data. Your website is available to users of iPhone and iPad mobile devices only if they have access to online data services, such as 3G or WiFi.

Android devices. App Any Website is currently available only for Apple IOS devices, however an Android version should be available soon and will be offered as a free upgrade to existing Customers.